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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Commentary on the state of XBox 360 Online Gaming (The Halo 2 factor)

posted on 2old2play :

The old saying goes - fool me once - shame on you, fool me twice - shame on me. Well, shame on me.

I bought my 360 (actually my wife did ) on launch day and bought NO games. Why? Because I am a very casual, have fun gamer who likes to play with other people online. Those people are typically not early adopters.

But then I start reading the message board on Perfect Dark Zero and people are REALLY excited about this game. And then it gets a 9.1 from Gamespot and I'm psyched. Furthermore, ostensibly ALL of my friends online are playing it!

Did it happen so soon? Has Halo 2 now become the second game of choice already? I bought the game, eager to embrace this new era of gaming.

Sure enough, 4 weeks later I had finished the campaign and there was no one playing this game online anymore from thi website. I check my friends list and it's mostly Halo 2 again.

So GRAW comes along and HERE WE GO AGAIN. Great Gamespot score! 20 (!!!) of my friends playing it online at the same time. NO ONE is playing Halo 2 on my friends list anymore. The game is RAVED about by all who play it as the game that FINALLY breaks Halo 2's grip on the XBL world. I bought it again - hook, line, sinker and the whole damn pole.

This time, only 2 weeks later, people have fled to Oblivion.

Yesterday afternoon when I fire up my 360 for some next-gen HD gaming action, guess how many people are on GRAW and PDZ combined? ZERO.

So I played Halo 2.

The next game I am buying with the expressed purpose of playing online will be Halo 3.

It's a simple factor of majority rules and until more people own 360's and play 360 games than Halo 2, Halo 2 will continue to rule the landscape.