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Sunday, December 08, 2013

XBox One with no internet or bad internet

I bought an Xbox One this week, planning to hook it up next week when I get my internet installed but then I thought it would be an interesting exercise as I have not seen a whole lot of information on what functions are available to the user prior to the update.

The answer to that is zero.  The initial setup screen is immediately looking for an internet connection and if you don't have one and you don't have the update loaded on a USB key then this console does NOTHING.

I had planned to wait until Tuesday to hook it up because that's when my internet and TV is being installed but I got impatient and I hooked up the XBone up to my T-Mobile HSPA MiFi - if that sounds like a really bad idea to you, you're right.

It took two hours and two system restarts to get the update downloaded.  First it ran to about 50% and then restarted.  Then it started the update ALL over again when it restarted and completely locked the system at 7%, had to power off and power back on again.  Then it started downloading from 0% again, and at about 11% it all of a sudden figured out that it had that it had that earlier version and zipped forward to 50%.  It finally did finish but man, that was frustrating.  Wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Then when the update finally downloaded, I went through a brief setup, timezone, gamertag account, just the basics.  Then we set up the Kinect.  Also not fun.  Every time the Kinect would start its setup, my dogs lost their minds at whatever noise it made and the setup failed.  Finally we got it on the third time.  The microphone commands are essential because navigating the menu is frankly awful with the controller.  Try finding settings from the main console in two clicks or less.  Go ahead, I'll wait.  Back?  Yah I thought so.  The problem is that the voice recognition only works about 50% of the time.  Hopefully it will get better with software updates.

Once I finally got control of the dashboard there wasn't a whole lot that I could do without internet.  All of the videos are internet sourced/streamed.  There are no native apps or any native content that I can see.

I downloaded Skype and was able to successfully complete a very short video call on my MiFi but there was very noticeable lag and the quality was really poor.

So if you're buying this for someone, make sure they have really solid broadband service and make sure that the system is updated before Christmas morning.